Gynaecomastia is basically enlarged breasts in men. It is actually quite common and can be treated effectively with surgery. 

All men have some breast tissue. A few, unfortunately, have an excessive amount. Infact, in some cases male breasts can be equivalent to a woman’s breast size. Occasionally this is due to a hormone imbalance, however, in most instances there is no detectable abnormality either on blood tests or clinical examination. Regardless of the cause, this condition causes men a great deal of embarrassment. Many report they forego swimming and playing to avoid taking their shirts off. Older boys may even skip classes rather than subject themselves to physical education classes if they are required to shower afterwards. No amount of exercise or diet will solve the problem. However by surgically removing the excess tissue, we can permanently restore a normal appearance. 

If you are always uncomfortable and self-conscious about the shape of your chest and avoid taking part in outdoor activities like swimming or taking off your shirt in the gym, you must consult us for Gynecomastia surgery for a lasting and effective procedure that gives you permanent resolution of your problem.
Gynecomastia or Male breast reduction is one of the most popular and effective procedures for men suffering from enlarged chest tissues (Gynecomastia). Gynecomastia Surgery involves removal of fat through liposuction and removal of glandular tissues through tissue excision to restore the normal shape of the chest and a reinforced masculine shape.

The recovery procedure is quite tolerable. After surgery, gynecomastia patients are given a compression garment to wear to reduce the swelling and also to help in tissue healing. Most patients can return to their normal routines including work in a day or two after the surgery.

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